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Healthy and Wealthy and How to Save Wisely On Food

In September of 2018, I weighed nearly 200lbs. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of feeling lethargic both physically and mentally. While researching the best way to fuel my body, I also learned another way of how to save wisely while budgeting for food shopping.

A combination of keto and intermittent fasting was what I landed on. Now I weigh just over 160lbs and I feel better, sleep better, have more energy and have mental clarity. I even got some "new" clothes. Not because I went shopping but because I could fit back into more of my clothes. With the exception of taking a deliberate break over the holidays, it’s been pretty easy to stay committed. Everyone’s body is different so I am not advocating my eating style because I am not a nutritionist. What I am advocating is meal prep as a budgeting tip.

A tweet saying, "I will NOT eat up my money in 2020.. I got food at home! I got food at home! I GOT FOOD AT HOME!!"

The advantages of Meal Prep

  • More control of food costs because of budgeting for food

  • More control of what you eat

  • Save time from not preparing individual meals or going to grab takeout

  • Reduce stress because you know that you have one less thing to think about doing or actually doing because you can be planning and budgeting food for a month

The basic steps of Meal Prep:

  • Plan your meals

  • Shop for ingredients

  • Prepare your meals

  • Actually eat what you made

A picture of a man walking in snow with the text, "My thoughts and prayers are with every single food delivery person I shamelessly send into freezing temperatures"

Every week, I prep a large batch of 1 or 2

recipes. I make a big enough batch so that some servings can be frozen to add to the

“bank”. This habit of “setting a little to the side” has become my rainy day fund for food. On those days that are busier than others or I just don’t feel like cooking dinner I have healthy meals ready to go.

So save yourself time and money, eat healthier and be less stressed and stop making delivery folks come out in 💩weather.

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