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Holiday Hangover (aka Holiday Credit Card Debt)

Holiday spending credit card statement got you down? Are you one of the many who will be compounding their debt because they haven’t yet paid off the credit cards from 2018 shopping? Well, you’ve got plenty of company.

59% of Americans in the U.S. used credit cards to purchase gifts in 2018. 35% were still paying it off into the 2019 holiday season. So 48 million Americans are still paying off the 2018 holiday debt and may have even added to it in 2019.

A picture of a card holder with credit cards

It is possible to have a different experience when reviewing your credit card statement in January 2021. Of the folks that used credit cards to buy gifts in 2018, 24% paid it all off before incurring interest. Do you have a plan to show that you care for others without sabotaging your own financial health? Are you utilizing holiday spending tips to decrease your debt burden in the new year?

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind by being intentional and deliberate with your money.

A deadbeat as defined by the credit card company is someone who pays their card off in full and on time every month. BE A DEADBEAT!!!

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