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Feeling Worthy of Money

Just after Christmas and right before January 1st is a reflective time for many people. This year, I remembered a Christmas gift that I received from a friend in 2001. It was a pack of Gold Toe socks. I was extra grateful for those socks because I had NEVER had nice socks before. They felt luxurious and I felt fancy and grownup and not poor. Most importantly I was feeling WORTHY of money.

I didn’t realize until receiving that gift the weight that growing up poor had and continued to have on my life. The socks themselves were not expensive, but I had the habit of not even considering them when I made my sock purchasing decisions. I didn’t even bring myself to look at them on the display. They were probably a better overall value because they lasted longer and I didn’t have to buy socks as often. My poor mindset had me making poor decisions. It took someone else to help me realize that I was on autopilot.

I made a decision right there to never skimp on socks because every little step I take is worthy. My sock upgrade was a gift to myself that kept on giving. Because I was wearing them daily, I had a constant reminder to be conscious and intentional. It didn’t take long before I began examining other ways that I was making financial decisions that may not have been the best. They became especially meaningful as I began diligently focusing on my finances and every penny mattered. I do mean EVERY penny. I found that as I was learning to manage my money that I was also learning how to overcome not feeling worthy of money.

Hardly anyone saw my socks and if they did see them, their “power” was only of value to me. I didn’t need to buy a flashy item or overspend to show off to others so that they would think about me in a better light. Feeling worthy came from how I felt about myself and feeling worthy of success.

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